Monday, March 7, 2011

Bug Hunt Bingo Tutorial

First I have to do a little dance and say that I finally figured out how to directly link to adobe!  Now you can get my patterns easily and for free.  Yea!  I'm also going to add an adobe tutorial attachment for all of my tutorials so you can print or save them more easily.

So, tomorrow several of our friends from homeschool co-op will be coming over to join us in a game of Bug Hunt Bingo.  If your wondering what that is I'm not exactly sure yet but I know we are going to have a blast!  The idea came to me because the kids have been learning about bugs and who doesn't like Bingo?  I made a card with pictures of different bugs that I see frequently in our yard and added a description of their habitat, diet, and clues as to where you can find them for the ones I was sure about.  I also left 2 blank spots for other bug discovery freebies. 

The plan is to break-up into teams, hunt for the bugs on the card, and hopefully get Bingo.  Each team will be given a magnifying glass, tweezers, a shovel, and a paper plate.  In case you didn't know, if you put a paper plate under a flowering plant and tap the branch you will most likely end up with 2 or 3 tiny bugs.  Afterwards we will celebrate with this buggy snack.

I put together a small sample to show you. 

For the moms there will be flaxseed muffins with carrots and apple.  I didn't have 4 of the ingredients I needed but they are still yummy!

I also found this guy when I was picking oranges.  It's a Stink bug and what stinks "ha-ha" is I took this bug off the bug bingo card because I haven't seen one in awhile.  Oh well, I guess it can be a freebie now that I know where their hiding.  I left the half munched leaves intact to show the kiddos. 

Here is the easy to open attachment if you are interested in your own Bug hunt bingo game.  Most of the bugs listed can be found in all regions. 
Bug Hunt Bingo Card

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