Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Stories and a Journal Cover

I've started a journal for each of my children.  It's my way of staying connected with them individually.  It's easy for me to get busy and put them all in the same box forgetting that they learn, love, and need differently.  A journal forces me to not just think of our day and what we did but of our day and how that day affected each of my children.

I created this one for Madline.  It's made from linen burlap and I covered a composition book.  There is just something about a composition book that makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something;)

I went to a book seminar this week that was put on by Jan and Gary Bloom.   It was a lot of fun shopping knowing that anything I picked was already carefully selected and worth reading!  I found a few wonderful books for the kids and purchased a copy of Jan's book for myself.

I don't know much about good children's literature.  I've gotten lucky over the years and by reading reviews and taking the time to read the books before I purchased them we have ended up with what I think is a great early children's library in our home.  Of course I would like it to grow and grow and grow, preferably at the rate of my children, but for now I can't complain.  Here are some of our newest books.  I'm absolutely in love with the Dan Frontier series written by William Hurley & illustrated by Jack Boyd!  It's about Dan's adventures in the early west. 

I've always loved the Madeline books written by Ludwig Bemelmans.  I often wonder if his Madeline character was a source of influence in me choosing our baby girls name.  It was a name that came to me the minute I new we were meant to adopt.  Hmmmmm?

I also purchased Jan's book Who should We Then Read?.  I really love this book.  It's a book of good authors of the past.  She does a fantastic job of breaking it down into age group and categories and tells each author's story.  She also told us a little bit of info that has stuck in my mind and given me a little motivation to pick up a book daily!  If you read 15 minutes a day you will read over a million words in the next year.  Huh.  I might actually feel like an adult again instead of a kindergartner if I take on that challenge!

I'm so glad I attended this seminar.  It reminded me that our journals should not just be facts but stories of our lives.  When we are gone our things won't matter and pictures will sit in boxes but the stories of our lives together will be the gifts that stay with our children and get passed on. 

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