Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun Finds.

Today I had the babysitter come so I could grocery shop.  I decided to go somewhere quiet first and do a little reading and I was so relaxed afterwards I didn't dare ruin the mood with the stress of grocery shopping!  Instead I went window shopping and daydreamed of what I will do to the house some day when I get time.  I did find a few items that I had to bring home.  These came from a handful of stores and most of them where on clearance.

I found some great notions that will hopefully get me motivated to use up some fabric. 

These finials were only $2.00 so I couldn't resist. 

I am absolutely in love with these antique labels!  They came from Ballard and although I have no plan in mind for them, I new if I didn't buy them one would come to me and I would regret not getting them.  Any ideas?

This will come in handy in the homeschool office and look super cool.  Can you tell I like the earthy look?

This little chick will be getting a makeover really soon.  I like the pattern but it doesn't match our home so I have something new planned.

This was my favorite find of the day!  It's a book of punch out games and toys.  I'm saving this for rainy days. 

I'm working on several great sewing projects right now but I can't seem to get anything finished!  I'm not sure if its the time change or the beautiful spring weather or just burnout.  Hopefully they will all come together soon!!!  Heres a peak at something I'm working on.  Can you tell what it's going to be?

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  1. I don't know what your project will be, but I love the floral fabric. Can't wait to see the finished product. (And now I'm thinking about how many unfinished projects I have stashed away - I need to pull them out!)


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