Sunday, March 13, 2011

Missing a loved one.

Spring comes with hope, joy, time outside enjoying God's glory, birthdays, time with family, a fresh start, and for me a memory.  It's as familiar as that warm fuzzy feeling you get as Easter draws close.  I've come to learn that It's a part of my internal clock yet I'm still surprised by it.  Time heals the hurt but the memory of what happened remains.  I find myself feeling nostalgic, looking at my life and my loved ones in amazement of all my blessings, and crying tears of joy and sadness.  I hear my mothers words as I speak to my children and laugh.  My beautiful daughter reminds me of her life story (my mother was adopted) and I wish she could answer my questions and take away my fears.  Spring is a special time for me.  It's a time spent with loved ones and a rekindling of a mother daughter relationship even if only by memory for now. 

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  1. I miss my grandma. She died 6 months after I got married, of a very agressive cancer. She started losing her memory, had no energy, and she loved to cook and knit (even being blind). I used to call her and ask for her recipes. She was always glad to talk about it.
    Moments before she died, she received Jesus. That was very special (she wasn't christian, not too many here in Brazil are).
    This is our hope, to see our beloved ones in heaven someday, and then never be apart again.
    May God confort and consoles you. :)

  2. Hey Steff, You're becoming really good at recognizing how you're going to react and knowing when to expect the feelings. At least that should make it all easier to deal with each year...

    PS Madeline is looking so cute these days!!


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